Directors and Team

A company’s brand is its second most valuable asset after its people. Senecto brings together a group of respected and innovative business leaders with a common purpose to connect elderly relatives with family and friends, children, grand children and carers alike – via the Amba communication system which aids memory and boosts attention.

Franz van Dyk

Finance Director

Amber Eggleton

Commercial Director

Steve Arthington

Operations Director

Jake Judd


Oliver Snow


Senecto has brought together a strong group of committed experienced professionals whose aim is to create a range of compelling products to assist elderly people wishing to retain their independence for longer whilst maintaining close communication with their family and friends.

From sophisticated computing, design, manufacturing and fulfillment to marketing and customer care, the Senecto Team cover all the areas needed to deliver excellent products and services to their customers.

Amba is the first of an innovative and unique range of products that Senecto expects to add to during 2017 and beyond.