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If you’ve got this far you will appreciate that Amba can make the difference between feeling loved or lonely. The Amba system makes life easier for parents, children and grand children. Amba lets you connect with immediate loved family members wherever you are in the world, next door, out and about or on holiday, maybe just simply at home.

The opportunity to send photos, text messages, make video calls, arrange appointments, check medications have been taken, receive alerts if there’s a problem and all within a closed digitally secure environment is irresistible.

The comfort and reassurance Amba brings reduces the stress of having to travel miles to see family when at the touch of button you can be instantly in touch with your relatives.
Research shows that ageing parents living alone have a better quality of life with greater close family interaction and Amba amongst its other benefits is a considerable aid to stimulating family engagement with the greatest of ease.

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