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As our friends and relatives get older, they may find that previously simple tasks become more difficult and confusing to perform. Knowing the date, the day and even the time can become a problem.

Amba provides an elegant solution to many of these problems. The Amba system enables elderly loved ones to enjoy their own home and remain independent longer.

Amba can be located anywhere, in the kitchen, the living room – anywhere with a WiFi link and a mains plug. Amba never goes to sleep and Amba will always be there to assist because it has an in-built battery (8-10 hrs) just in case of a power outage. Amba has been designed to always be on and always connected to the Users’ care network.


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If your elderly relative(s) live in a bigger property or travel between locations, then multiple Ambas can be synced so that wherever your elderly relative(s) are, Amba is on hand and always helping.