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As people get older, they can find previously simple tasks have become more difficult and confusing to perform. Knowing the date, the day and even the time can become a problem. This can be concerning for families with older relatives.

More often than not, this age group are so used to being self-sufficient, that they regard their independence as something not to be questioned. Some can’t, or won’t, use personal computers, so communication between relatives is often reduced to telephone calls. Personal visits can be difficult because of distance. Many Families are also separated because they live abroad. Families often worry that older relatives living alone can’t easily cope with everyday life. They’re also aware they may feel isolated and very often lonely.

The Amba system keeps families in touch and enables chosen Family Members to have an app on their PC’s, laptops, tablets or smart phones that stays connected to the User’s Amba.

Members will automatically be alerted, within seconds, if the User makes any new appointments or a diary/calendar event is missed.

The Amba system effectively helps families keep in touch.


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The Amba system is easy and effectively supports Family Members in the Users care network

  • Make video to video calls between Family or Carer Members and the Amba User
  • Send Messages and know they have been seen.
  • Send photos and organise albums for the User.
  • Make or amend appointments and help organise the User’s Day, Week or Month
  • View the User’s screen and check activity.
  • Receive alerts for made or missed appointments.
  • Receive an alert if the Help button is tapped (twice) by the User.
  • Monitor the User by switching on the Amba Camera (selected Members only).

Amba helps you communicate with, organise and orientate your loved one who may need daily support, yet lives independently.