The Amba device has been specifically designed with an exceptional series of features to help the elderly organise and orientate themselves, feel less lonely, and stay in touch with their extended family and friends.

The Amba system is a closed, invitation-only environment, secured in a Swiss data centre which exceeds EU data security and privacy law requirements. The Amba system does not hold any information which could be used to identify or locate any users. In addition, financial and address information is held completely separately by a PCI (payment card industry) certified provider of billing services.

  1. Messaging
    Amba lets you send messages to the User and receive messages in turn. The User is notified of a new message with a pulsing button on the Amba screen along with a series of short audio beeps.
  2. Daily Calendar
    An interactive daily calendar helps organise key appointments and set reminders, such as – when to take medication. This calendar can be remotely adjusted by an approved Family Member or Carer. If appointments are not kept the approved Member or Carer is alerted immediately.
  3. Help Button
    In the case of an emergency pre-selected Members or Carers can be alerted within seconds. This is a truly fantastic feature and gives the User and Members that added reassurance.
  4. Time & Date
    Knowing time and date is essential to orientating the User’s day and having this knowledge along with all the other features really helps set the scene for the User’s day ahead.
  5. Weather
    Understanding what the weather is up to outside is a useful feature that helps the user plan their daily activities.
  6. Video Calls
    Amba enables all family Members to stay in touch with a bespoke yet simple to use video calling facility. When visiting in person is not an option, video calls are the next best thing.
  7. Photos
    Amba lets any connected Member send the User photos. Photos can be stored in albums each labelled for future viewing and easy review.
  8. Multiple Family Members
    Up to 12 Members, including grandchildren, friends and Carers, can be Members of the connected User group.
  9. Coloured backgrounds
    Screen backgrounds can be chosen from a range of colours. black black grey grey pearl pearl green green sand sand purple purple and turquoise turquoise. Different Users find different colours can assist in clarity of viewing.
  10. Appointments & Reminders
    Appointments can be set remotely, by selected Members, for the User. Members and Carers can view the Users calendar remotely to monitor User activity. Selected Members and Carers are notified, in seconds, if any scheduled tasks are missed.