Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not listed below, please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or by phone 0330 311 0600 during business hours.

What is Amba?

Amba is a dedicated system that enhances communication and organisation. It is very useful for keeping in touch with family and friends, as well as staying abreast of current family events.

How do I purchase Amba?

Amba is not available in retail outlets but can be bought directly via the website.  There are help videos to enable easy set up of Amba, as well as a quick start guide included with your delivery. Senecto will arrange for a demonstration and installation of the Amba with the customer if required (Additional charges may apply, contact us for details)

Will I have to pay VAT on my purchase?

Amba is zero rated for VAT purposes. For a purchaser to be exempt from paying VAT the User must have a chronic illness such as dementia. For more information you can visit the HMRC website here

What happens once I have purchased Amba online?

You will receive a confirmation of purchase via email. Amba will be despatched within 10 working days to your nominated address. You will receive a welcome e-mail from Senecto inviting you to set-up your log in and password. Once done, you can download the Amba Care Network App from your relevant App store in preparation for the arrival of Amba.

Why do I need Amba?

Amba can be incredibly effective in helping people living with cognitive decline, early stages of dementia, and those who are uncomfortable with modern technology, when wanting to live independently.

How do I set up Amba?

The purchaser will have received a welcome e-mail from Senecto explaining how to set-up their unique log in and password. Amba comes in the box with easy set-up instructions. In addition, the Members Area gives the purchaser links to videos on how to set-up Amba for both the User and all Members. The Members area also houses User and Member manuals which can be downloaded and printed if required. There is also a chat box online and telephone support during business hours.

How are calendar events created?

Calendar events can be created by either the User on their Amba, or remotely by Members via their Amba App. When the event is due, Amba will sound an alert to the User 5 minutes before it is due. If the User does not acknowledge the alert within 10 minutes, all Level 1 members will receive and e-mail to notify them the calendar event has not been actioned.

Can a User initiate messaging to a Member?

No. The User can only reply to messages from a Member. Amba is in constant development and Users initiating messaging is under consideration.

How do Members connect to the Amba User?

Members connect to the Users Amba via the Amba App which can be downloaded Google Play store or the Apple App store. Alternatively, they can use a Firefox or Google Chrome browser from their Laptop.

What are the benefits of Amba?

Amba’s innovative design brings the benefits of modern technology helping to assist the User throughout their day, whilst reassuring and supporting family members, friends and carers alike with a constant connection to their loved one.

Can Amba be used for any other internet services?

No. Amba has been designed for simplicity. We understand Users may be uncomfortable with modern technology and find it confusing. Music, Videos, Games etc are excluded from Amba to maintain ease of use for the User.

Who is the ideal Amba user?

The ideal Amba User is likely to be someone living with cognitive impairments or symptoms of dementia, who want to remain living independently, maybe uncomfortable with modern technology and may need some assistance. They may also be someone who wants to feel better connected to loved ones. Amba Users are constantly in touch with family, friends and their Carers, via the Amba system.

Do I need technical knowledge to use Amba?

Amba Users need no technical knowledge whatsoever to use the system. Amba has an intuitive interface which with customer feedback is constantly being upgraded and improved. Members will require very basic computer skills.

What features does Amba have?

Amba is packed full of features including diary and date functions, text messaging, video calling, photo sharing, appointment setting, alerts and much more yet simple to use. For more information visit https://www.senecto.com/features/

How many people can connect to Amba?

Up to twelve people can connect to Amba, making it the perfect device for families and friends to stay connected and in touch, whether by video call, messaging or sending photos.

How secure is Amba?

As oppose to some other technology and Apps, Amba operates via a secure, closed private network accessible by invitation only from the Primary Member.

Can Amba replace home care?

Amba cannot replace home care, however the Amba system can enhance the carer role.

Is video calling easy?

Yes, Amba’s video calling system is operated by a few touches of the screen. It is a closed system and therefore safe and secure.

Are my credit card details stored?

Credit card details and personal information are stored separately as Senecto is committed to exceeding all European guidelines ensuring maximum security for our increasing customer base.

Can the Amba software be installed on another type of tablet or computer?

Under normal circumstances, No. Amba was specifically designed for use with a specially built tablet computer. It cannot be loaded on to any other tablet, unless modified by Senecto.

What happens if Amba goes wrong?

Under normal circumstances Senecto will either fix the problem or replace it at no cost within the first 12 months.

What do I do if the User gets a black screen?

Normally, Amba will turn on when it is plugged in at the wall and power is switched on. If Amba has a black screen, first check that it is plugged into a power socket and that the socket is switched on. If there has been a power failure and the Amba battery is completely drained, it may take a few minutes to come on. If Amba does not come on after a few minutes of being plugged in, then please depress the on/off button on the top right of the unit. Hold down for three seconds and Amba should come back on. If the battery is flat for any reason wait for 15mins before restarting. If this fails, contact Senecto directly.

Can I use the same password for Amba as I use for my email account?

Senecto strongly recommends against using the same password for different accounts. To keep your “amba online" member’s account secure and private we require that your password is a minimum combination of 8 letters and numbers in length.

How safe is our personal data (messages, photos etc)?

The Amba system is a closed, invitation-only environment, secured in a data centre which adhere to EU data security and privacy law requirements, GDPR compliant. The Amba system does not hold any information which could be used to identify or locate any users. In addition, financial and address information is held completely separately by a PCI (payment card industry) certified provider of billing services.

What tablets and smartphones are compatible?

Members can log in via a browser on a PC or laptop (Windows 7 or later) using the URL: https://www.amba.online.
The Amba App is available for Android (v5.1 and later) or Apple (iOS) (v10 and later) operating systems.
For Microsoft phones, please log on via a browser using URL: https://www.amba.online.
Please note Amba in general is not, as yet, supported by Safari browser (on Apple computers running MacOS for video calling). Use Mozilla or Chrome on a Mac.
To get the most from Amba, we recommend that the Amba app is left running in the background of a mobile device. This means members are always connected to the User.

Does the User require a internet connection?

Yes. The User will either need to have a WiFi facility in their home which may come from a traditional broadband router, or a 3G/4G hotspot from a mobile broadband provider.

What is the monthly fee for?

This fee is for customer and technical support, software updates, connection charge to our secure servers and product replacement if required.

What happens if the User finds Amba too difficult?

In the event of a User finding Amba too difficult we offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

Does Amba work in a power cut?

Due to Ambas batteries it will operate for up to 8 hours subject to internet connectivity, which may vary based on your provider. In the event of the Amba losing power or internet connectivity, all Level 1 members will receive an alert after 15 minutes.

How many members can be on the Users system?

The Amba User can have up to 12 members in their network.

Is there a limit to the number of photos a Member(s) can share with an Amba User?

Amba will permit up to 12 Albums in total, and 24 photos per album

Can Carers become a Member?

Yes. The Primary Member (normally the purchaser) would invite the Carer onto the Amba User's network.