Amba is Always On

Amba elderly care device is a great alternative to carehomes, and is not like a desktop or laptop computer that can sometimes shut down, go to sleep or has a screen saver. Amba always looks the same. After any activity like making an appointment, a video call, or looking at photographs, Amba will always return to the normal “home” screen mode. Sometimes the User may wish to move Amba from one room to another – perhaps from the kitchen to the bedroom. Whilst Amba can be moved it might be much better to have two Ambas that are synced – especially if the User is in a larger property. Whilst Amba is plugged into a power outlet and is therefore always on, Amba also includes batteries so that if unplugged it will still function. If for any reason Amba is unplugged for too long then it will send out alerts to the User and family members. Amba keeps you in touch.

Video Calls

All of us can feel lonely without regular human contact and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. A lot of the older generation don’t have or don’t want a computer. Many families know that their older friends and relatives couldn’t use a computer even if they had one. Amba is not a computer in that sense. Amba is a touch screen communication device and system, which at the single touch of a button can make video calls easy for both the User and family members or carers.

By touching the phone icon, Amba will display all the Users contacts with an accompanying photograph. The User then simply touches the contact’s picture and they will immediately connect. Family members connect to Amba from an app on their own PC, Tablet or mobile device. Once again this only requires a simple touch and the User is connected.

For the very first time meaningful and regular face to face communication is now at the touch of a button.


Should the User get in to trouble or need urgent help all they need to do is tap the Help Button (twice) and alerts will be send out to selected family members and carers. Family members can choose who will get these alerts. Family members or carers can also call to see what is needed or warn others that a home visit to the User is required.

Interactive Calendar

Family members and the User can easily make new appointments on Amba’s online elderly organiser application. If an appointment is kept then the entry will display a green colour and a notice. If an appointment is missed then it will turn red and also send an alert to a chosen family member or carer. Selected family members will be alerted when there is any activity on the Amba calendar. Family members or carers can change or amend appointments from their hand held or other mobile device by using the Amba app. They can also call the User if perhaps the User needs reminding of something or help with a particular task, like taking medication.


Family members and carers can send short messages to the User which are then displayed on Amba. Reminders of upcoming events or best wishes for a birthday will be sometimes, useful, important or just pleasant for the User. i.e. “Happy Birthday Mum, we will all see you later and will bring your favourite chocolate cake” will be prominently displayed on the Amba home screen.


Selected family members or other carers will be able to have special access by turning on the Amba camera if they want to check that the User is alright, providing an ideal home care solution. Amba will normally be located in the User’s kitchen or living room and sometimes a quick look to see how they are getting on may be important particularly when living alone. If the User doesn’t answer a call or there has been a lack of activity on Amba this kind of active “special access” monitoring is likely to be a hugely important reassurance factor for both Family members and Users alike. Worthy of note, for security and privacy concerns, is that “special access” to the Amba device itself will require a pin code.


There has been an explosion of hand held devices with camera facility and now people take hundreds of digital photographs that they share with each other over the internet. For different reasons, many older people don’t have a computer and they don’t want to have a computer. Unless photos are printed, older relatives don’t get to see all the new photographs taken by the family. Seeing recent pictures of grandchildren, nieces and nephews is something that older people really enjoy. From any handheld or mobile device that has the Amba app, photos can be sent to the User. At the touch of a button Users can open up different albums that family members have created and organised for them remotely. With Amba there is no need to send photos any other way as they will be uploaded to Amba and displayed instantly.

Time, Day, Date and Weather

Knowing what the time is and what day it is often relies on having a reasonably good memory. As one gets older, short term memory can start to fail and people need to find this sort of information another way. Using a calendar doesn’t work if you don’t know what day of the week it is right now and a wrist watch might be too small to read. Also, knowing the weather conditions outside is important if the User is going out. Amba permanently displays all this type of important information – all of the time in an easy to understand format – all in one place.

Amba is a Communication and Organisational System

Amba is not a medical device and cannot solve all of the problems that older people living alone might have. However, Amba can help extend the time that Users wish to remain independent. By having better communication and help with organisation, Users can feel less isolated and more in control of their lives. Amba can help families with many of the day to day problems they face when having an older relative who lives alone. Amba can give more peace of mind to families who don’t want their elderly relatives to move in to expensive care homes or have costly professionals spending many hours with their loved ones. Amba keeps you in touch.

The Amba touch-screen is EASY and intuitive to use

While it has immense computing power, Amba itself is not a computer in the traditional sense of the word. The Amba interface ie., the way the screen looks and operates has been designed specifically with the elderly User in mind. It has easy to identify icons and simple touch screen buttons that are readily identifiable and this, amongst a host of other features, is what helps make Amba simplicity itself for the elderly User … your Mum and Dad or mine.

Durability and Reliability

Although portable it is recommended that Amba remains in one place, in a location such as the kitchen where the user will pass by frequently and become accustomed to seeing Amba there. It is not recommended that Amba is moved often. However, if it is moved and accidentally dropped or knocked over then in most cases Amba will not be damaged. Should Amba stop working, break or fail due to faulty components it will be replaced at no cost to the User nor the family.