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Amba and other products

Amba is the Primary device that the User will have located in their home.  Normally in a living room, kitchen or bedroom, it is permanently switched on and ready to use.  Amba is available in a choice of five colours:

Additional Ambas can be located in other parts of the home and are synced with the Primary device.  For Users who perhaps have a two-storey house or a large flat then an additional Amba could be more convenient.

The Amba Companion is for members who want either a dedicated device or need a newer tablet so that they can connect to the User’s Amba.  This is available in a holder, or just a free-standing tablet with a stand.

Amba costs

Primary Amba:        £580.00 plus a monthly charge of £25.00.  (This includes customer and technical support, software updates and product replacement if required)

Additional Ambas:  £375.00

Amba Companion: £300 in a holder or £250.00 free-standing.  A 13.3″ android tablet with a front camera, including the Amba app and many other standard apps.

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