About Us

After recognising the growing problems for families with older relatives, Senecto was established by an international group of people and companies, each with very specific talents. Located in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Argentina and the UK, this team set about to find and create a solution to some of these very real problems.

Ageing Parents Living Alone

Many older people want to live alone and retain their independence as long as they can. Their families need to know that if they do live alone, then they can cope with daily life, especially if they are suffering with short term memory loss and even the early stages of Dementia.

After much research, it became clear a new solution was needed for families to communicate with their loved ones and also a way to assist, and even monitor, their daily activities.

Unfortunately most older people don’t have, don’t want, or can’t use the modern technology that many of us take for granted. Desktop or Laptop Computers, Tablets and Smart phones are simply too difficult for many older people to use. Many families have tried to encourage them to learn how to use technology, but without constant supervision its often too difficult to manage, especially when older people live a long way from their family.

Memory Loss is real and frustrating

Because of memory loss, older people can forget very basic things like what day it is, what appointments they have and when they should take medication. Older people can also feel isolated, even lonely, unless they have lots of home visits.

These days many families are separated by great distance and this means that popping in to say hello is not possible.

  • Using touch screen technology Amba is very easy to use.
  • Amba connects family members and carers.
  • Amba benefits our older relatives by helping them remain independent for longer.
  • Amba can help Aid Memory and Boost Attention.

Sometimes telephone calls are one of the only ways that families contact each other, but even this method of communication can become difficult. Remembering telephone numbers, or retrieving them from stored lists becomes increasingly difficult.

Over the last two years Senecto has developed Amba to help with some of the problems that a lot of families are experiencing right now.