For Home Users

Amba helps keep the User up to date re time, weather, messages and photos.

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For the Family

Amba makes communication easy for both Users and Family Members with Video calling.

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For Carers

Amba helps carers stay in touch and assists users with organising their time, including appointments and much more.

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Amba is a powerful in home digital communication system that ensures you are always in touch with your family and friends.

Amba is a simple to use, intuitive, touch-screen device that can assist elderly Family Members who wish to remain living alone. The Amba system provides Family Members, Friends and Carers alike with the reassurance of permanent contact through Amba’s “always on” communication system. Amba is simple, non technical and easy to use for everyone – even those who don’t want to, can’t or have never used a traditional computer.

Mobile Interface

For every User, the Amba system can help orientate their day by keeping daily routines, appointments, medical reminders, messages, photos, time, date, weather and other essential information all in one place and at the touch of a button.

If a User feels lonely, or is suffering from forgetfulness, Amba is there to assist in life’s daily routines. Amba can help the User by organising their day and enabling family members to stay in touch via video calls, text messaging and much more.

Family Members and Carers (the Care Network) can communicate with and update Amba from modern smartphones, PCs, laptops & tablets with the Amba app.

Amba will not be sold in retail shops or bought via the internet. Amba will only be available for purchase after a presentation from a qualified Senecto demonstrator, so we are assured that Amba is suitable for you and your family.

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20th January 2017

Age-related Memory Loss

When do you start to notice memory loss? Or, more importantly, when does it become an issue? We all forget things from time to time, like misplacing keys, wallets and mobile phones, but when we’re young we don’t tend to think much of it. It might be that, as an older person, you are forgetting just as frequently, but as the anxiety of memory-loss creeps in, you notice these occurrences…

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