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    Aids Memory + Boosts Attention

    Does your Mum or Dad need a simple, intuitive, safe way to stay in touch?




If your parents…


Feel left behind by technology and computers?

Struggle with text messaging?

Find it impossible to use video calling apps?

Enjoy looking at family photos?

Forget to take their medication?

Need an easy, secure, way to stay in touch?


This is important if you want to help them more.

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“Amba has been brilliant. I was scared of technology, and knew I was missing out. Now my youngest son who lives hours away, video calls me at least twice a week, and shares photos when he is travelling. Amba’s buttons are so big and it makes it so simple to use” – Mrs S, Somerset (Age 72)

Amba Tablet


“My mother is 86 and can’t live without her Amba daily calendar. She loves photos of her grandchildren and Jo, her carer, thinks Amba makes her work a little easier” – Mr D, Gloucestershire (Age 65)

How does Amba work? click here