For Home Users

Amba helps keep the User up to date re time, weather, messages, events, reminders and more.

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For the Family

Amba makes staying in touch easy for both Users and Family Members.

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For Carers

Amba helps carers stay in touch and assists Users with organising their time, including appointments and much more.

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Amba is a powerful system that ensures the User is always in touch with family, friends and carers, from their own home.

Amba, is a VERY EASY TO USE, intuitive, touch screen that can assist people, typically those with early dementia or cognitive impairments, to remain living independently.  Amba provides family members, friends and carers with the reassurance of permanent contact through Amba’s “always on” system.  Amba is non-technical and easy to use for everyone – even those who don’t want to, can’t or have never used a computer.

Mobile Interface

For every User, Amba helps orientate and organise their day by keeping daily routines, appointments, medication reminders, messages, time, date, weather and other essential information all in one place and at the touch of a button.

If a User feels alone, family members and friends are one touch away – through messaging, photos and more.

Family members and carers (the User’s care network) communicate with and update Amba remotely from PCs and laptops, or smartphones and tablets with the Amba app.

Unlike other network platforms, their Amba care network is completely closed and can only be accessed by invitation.  The User cannot receive any adverts, spam or contact from unknown sources.

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Always in Touch

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1st February 2017

Dementia – A useful guide and how Amba has been designed to help those with dementia

The Alzheimer’s Society along with regional dementia partnerships have published information, advice and support for people with dementia and memory problems.  The following contains extracts from the Dementia Guide that is freely available to anyone and that we hope is helpful.  Contributions are included from Age UK, the Alzheimer’s Society, NHS Foundation Trust, the Dementia Support Group and many others. What is dementia? Dementia is an umbrella term used to…

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